Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wicked Wikis

Remembering HTML tags was such a pain! If you were a subject librarian, lots of time was spent making sure that your subject guides content had up-to-date information, and even more time was spent making sure that your formatting was correct. I was glad when wiki's were introduced as it meant that anyone could create and edit web content.

A wiki can be very useful if you have a good brainstorming team. If you are unlucky and have a not so good team, then more time will be spent micro-editing every word and sentence and then you will get frustrated with the lack of proper progress.

I like the fact that you can now invite people to contribute to a wiki. In that way there is some degree of control and authority over the project that you will be working on. You can also track recent changes that were made. This can lead to interesting discussions as to why certain changes came about.

While doing this exercise, I stumbled across a powerpoint on "How to create your own online survey". I think Im going to try this one on some family members. I just want to see how this tool actually works.

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