Sunday, August 9, 2009

Krishna Consciousness

I found searching for images in Flickr to be very easy as the site recognised basic keyword searches.
I decided to search for one of Aucklands religious tourist spots. So I searched for the Hare Krishna temple in Auckland. The link for this photo taken by a Flickr user calling himeself Tushal is found at the end of this post.
This photo brought back memories of a day, when I was approached by a Hare Krishna devotee who was handing out pamphlets inviting people to visit the Hare Krishna Temple in Auckland.
I took up the offer and was pleasantly surprised. I met some very friendly people and listened to some of the lectures being presented. At no stage did I feel pressurised to join this group. I really appreciated the fact that I could linger in the background as an observer.
Have a look at this lovely photo:

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