Saturday, August 15, 2009

Librarian 2.0

I started this exercise looking at the video clip first. The last 30 seconds of the video really hit home when I realised how many things we have to have a rethink about - copyright, governance etc. An MLIS student looking for a research topic should have a look at this video.

I think that we have already started to move away from the iceberg mentality described in the prescribed article. After all we are moving towards using downloadable books. This is addition to the fact that for years our e-resources have been made available off-site for years.

Our Any Questions Operators use these technologies often. Our librarians expertise is available to those that cannot physically come into the library for homework help. If you look at the Any Questions and Many Answers sites you will notice the use of tag clouds etc. Did you know that all our operators have Avatars?

After all that reading, all I can say is : if you complete this programme you will be in a better position to help our patrons who may have problems embracing new technologies in the future. I wonder how many of our librarians would like a title like "Librarian 2.0"?

Now its time for some action. I think must get back to SecondLife now. For more than three years I have been an Engineering librarian there too. I have had a fantastic time! You should try it. Its fun!

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