Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RSS Readers

The first thing that struck me about this exercise, was that there was going to be lots of little things to do, for example: open up an account and then watch some videos etc. I decided to put the family to bed early so that I could concentrate on this exercise properly. I found that opening each link as a separate tab rather than in a separate window worked better for me as I could easily move between tabs to keep up with all the new information I was learning.

The short videos were great. It made me realise how much time I can save in the future just by using RSS feeds.

Subscribing to the newsfeeds was relatively easy. However, I didnt like all the additional features on the left hand side of my Bloglines account and so I hide those from view for now. This will ensure that I will just concentrate on the new information that is generated by the feeds. Once I use my Bloglines account more often, I will revisit the additional features.

I have decided to use RSS feeds in my personal life as I sometimes search for information that is not always published. Instead of me checking every single day for new information, the newsfeed will alert me to the information. What a timesaver!

Now Im going to subcribe to my friends travelog....

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