Saturday, August 1, 2009

Art Addictions

Easy Peasy! And I thought setting up a blog was going to take ages.....I think its best if I start looking at this whole Web 2.0 programme in a more positive light.

So far I have learnt that a blog is basically an online journal that is used to share thoughts on any subject or to keep in touch with people that have the same interest. Ive heard lots of talk show hosts mention that their guests enjoy blogging, which basically means that they enjoy adding content to their blogs on a frequent basis.

I've also noticed that the blog entries are in reverse chronological order. This takes a little getting used to in the beginning. Of all the blogs I've visited, I like artlogs the best. Artlogs are blogs which focus on art. My favourite so far is

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  1. Welcome to the programme - so pleased you have been pleasantly surprised! You've made a great start and thanks for your tip on Artlogs - I agree badatsports is an impressive blog.